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Survey Overview
Software Engineering Consortium

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Welcome to the International Survey of Software Engineering Programs


The primary goal of this survey is to provide an easily accessible information resource for students, and departments offering undergraduate and graduate software engineering (SE) degree programs. This application is designed to provide structured up-to-date information about all the SE-based degrees offered by the participating universities.

The survey started in 2000 with funding from ACM and IEEE-CS. The questionnaire was made available in January 2000. We ask that all current participants use the electronic submission system, using the "Member Login" link on the side bar.

Motivation / Objectives

In the spring of 2000 an annual survey of SE-based courses started to collect data from various universities. The format of the survey is derived from the survey of the CSAC-CS survey by the University of Southeastern Louisiana at Lafayette. This survey focuses on software engineering, however. A wide range of degrees from various academic units and departments that all deal with software engineering are covered.

Software Engineering Survey

Detailed survey information on this, please see the "Software Engineering Survey " on the side bar.

International Software Engineering University Consortium (ISEUC)

ISEUC is a natural extension of the survey. ISEUC is a group of universities able to provide SE subjects via distributed learning to learners worldwide. See the "Consortium" link on the side bar for details.

This website has the following objectives

  • facilitate the sharing and communication of information among departments offering degree programs in SE.

  • provide faculty with information that can be used to assess, monitor, and compare their programs to others in the world in terms of curriculum issues, faculty composition, student enrollment and graduates.

  • provide faculty with supporting information to be used in planning and implementing course and curriculum developments and program enhancements by identifying standards in infrastructure and curricula.

    We believe that the results of this survey may be of interest to both responding and non-responding departments alike, since it allows them to monitor and compare their individual programs to other programs across the world in terms of faculty composition, student enrollment, graduates, and curriculum issues. Following versions will contain more detailed information on curriculum, distance learning, and discussion forum.

Potential participants

If you wish to submit your own data for the survey, please use the "Contact Us" link on the side bar.

SE Survey Project Developers

This project was initially developed by the following CIS 375 students: Paul Bobrowski, Steve Miles, Nick Majeran, Marci DuFour, Edward Kallio, Tom Ayoub, and Andrea Kennedy of the Computer and Information Science Department, University of Michigan - Dearborn in the spring of 2000. The entire survey and consortium Websites were ported and upgraded by students in the Computer Science Department at IPFW in 2002-2003: Jacques Chansavang Grad. CS590 and Tyson Maxwell CS492.